First Zune Hacks Released

I’ve posted before, Share a Song with Zune and Get Credit Back and iPod the Pong of Digital Music, about the Zune DRM and how it will probably be cracked soon after release, well, this isn’t a crack, but someone has developed a complicated hack to bypass the DRM, and while this is pretty much the same thing as copying a file to a USB drive and then to another computer, this just shows you how quickly something will probably be coming. How hard would it be to write a little program that does this for you? Not to hard I don’t think, and while Microsoft could probably fix this easily in a future update, would they really want to?

How great would it be to have an MP3 player that can send other MP3 players songs without restrictions? I think that would be a popular MP3 player, and if Microsoft has tried to create the Zune to block such sharing, with their DRM, they have tried right? This could definitely help Microsoft get a jump in market share, it’s not their fault these Zune Hacks have been released.

Now, I’m not saying they are up to anything, I’m just trying to come up with a reason for Microsoft to not block such hacks, or at least not for awhile, and in an update that we don’t have to load, so we could choose not to block that hack, etc.

Anyway, this started as a way to use the Zune as a portable hard drive, and then all they had to do was bypass the DRM, and they did that by renaming file extensions on the music files to jpg, transferring with at least one actual jpeg file to another Zune and renaming to the actual extension again. There’s already one program created to make it easier to do, check the Zune Boards with the tutorial there once you sign up to the board. This was also posted at Gizmodo here and here and at Zune Scene.

The Zune can be used to store and transfer various file formats such as zip files, PDF files and word documents. No Zune hardware or software changes are required at all. This technique will not bypass any DRM on any protected files.

Instructions are included below. The Zune device will appear in “My Computer” and visual access to files is available. Please make these registry modifications at your own risk to your PC. Source: Zune Scene.

Zune tips or Zune hacks, whatever you want to call this one, there will be more on the way.