Engadget Has Tough Time with Zune

Engadget installed a Zune on their Window Media Center XP 2005 PC, one they used as their media server and occasional testbed. They had quite a few program crashes and problems, and I’ll agree, some of the screenshots just make you want to gag, “find your inner dj”? Like something an adult would write trying to be cool.

When it comes to the hardware, we’re pretty much set; we all now know the Zune inside and out. But how it interacts with the software, the marketplace, etc. — that’s where the magic happens. Or doesn’t. We really wanted to give the Zune the benefit of the doubt. We hoped installing the Zune software and getting our player running would be as seamless and painless as getting iTunes and an iPod running on your machine, since that is, after all, what it’s up against. (Granted, not even iTunes is bereft of major problems on major releases.) Unfortunately, the reality of our experience with the first version of the Zune software this afternoon is much like that of many version 1 software experiences. It sucks. Read on to see what happened. Engadget

They did say another install on a second pc only took 20 minutes and had no problems, one they said they will be using in the future.