Bill Gates Dream

Was just reading the Bill Gates interview at, it’s long and is a two parter, but well worth the read, anytime Bill Gates talks about computers, you should listen. Like the man or not, he is a visionary, you can talk about copying software or products all you like, but it takes more than just copying something to make it work. They got lucky the guy for CPM was out the day IBM called, so their “version” of the operating system was the one used on IBM personal computers, putting them on the map. Anyway, he said his dream was to be able to make Tablet PC’s so cheap, that you could replace textbooks with them, and I think that is great, the sooner you get computers in kids hands, the more comfortable they are with them, and lets face it, when you aren’t comfortable with them, the more bad stuff happens to them.

The PC itself keeps getting cheaper, and the multiuse phone gets it out even (more broadly). Because, as you say, we do want everyone–certainly every kid, as part of their educational experience–to have that kind of access.

The dream for me is to get the tablet computer to be so cheap that it’s less than you would have spent on textbooks. Then every kid has a tablet. We’re still working hard to make that happen. Source:

That will be great, and if you can get them down to just a few hundred, school systems might be able to make it happen, as some new textbooks can cost hundreds themselves.

“My instincts, if they’re wrong, it’s usually not about what’s right,” the Microsoft chairman told CNET during a swing through Silicon Valley on Wednesday. “It’s about timing.”

We all remember the late attack on the Internet by Microsoft, one I’m sure he will never live down. With his new focus on philanthropy, he will be remembered as a great man, like it or not.