Windows Vista/Windows XP Transfer Tools

Microsoft will release migration tools to help consumers and small businesses migrate from Windows XP to Windows Vista, I assume to make good on their hope that it will become the most rapidly adopted version of Windows. Here are some info gathered from posts referencing these tools.

Making deployment of Windows Vista hassle-free is a big priority for Microsoft ? and one of the ways the Softies believe they’ll be able to make good on their claim that Vista will be the most rapidly adopted version of Windows ever.

Company officials have been talking up forthcoming Vista tools like the Application Compatibility Toolkit, Business Desktop Deployment Solution Accelerator, Virtual PC 2007, Windows Deployment Services and other enterprise-focused Vista-deployment aids. Source: All About Microsoft

From a posting on FatWallet forums by someone invited to attend the Windows Vista Install Fair,

Windows Easy Transfer

A new Windows Vista feature, Windows Easy Transfer scans your old XP PC and automatically gathers up all your important content, including user accounts, folders, all manner of files, email and address book, IE favorites, key Windows settings, and settings for popular applications and automatically transfer everything to your new Windows Vista based PC.

Windows Easy Transfer Companion
Windows Easy Transfer Companion transfers actual applications from your Windows XP PC to your new Windows Vista PC and will be made available as an extended public beta version to coincide with the launch of Windows Vista. It will be freely available as a download for Genuine customers.

Easy Transfer Cable
Naturally, both Windows Easy Transfer and Windows Easy Transfer Companion require some sort of physical connectivity between the old and new PC in order to transport the data. That?s why we have partnered with cable manufacturers to develop the Easy Transfer Cable, which will be available at retail locations. It is a USB cable with a chip in the middle that allows it to transfer data between two PCs and is specifically designed to support Windows Easy Transfer and Windows Easy Transfer Companion.

Sounds like Microsoft is trying to make this an easy migration, but we’ve heard such things in the past. Reviews will be available once they are released.