Windows Vista Upgrade Coupon

If you were planning on buying a new pc this Christmas season and were worried that it would not come with Windows Vista, fear not! Microsoft is releasing a Windows Vista upgrade coupon with new computer systems this 4th quarter that will be good until March 15 2007. The coupon will be for a free upgrade if you purchase a system with Windows XP Pro, Windows XP Pro Tablet PC Edition and Windows XP Pro x64 Edition, if you purchase a machine with Windows XP Home edition, you’ll get a coupon, but the upgrade will cost you $49 dollars to Windows Vista Home Basic Edition or $79 for an upgrade to Windows Vista Home Premium Edition.

Only systems running Windows XP and meet Windows Vista system requirements would be eligible and system builders would be required to support the systems after users upgrade to Windows Vista. Program is supposed to start on October 26, 2006.

Microsoft would neither confirm nor deny that the coupon program is coming, but they did say they are working on an offer with their partners.