Windows Vista RTM Pushed Back to November 8?

I just saw this post on Yahoo from Newsfactor that Windows Vista might not be released to manufacturing until November 8, not October 25 like originally planned, but the only other article I can find mentioning it is a post from WindowsITPro, and of course some other straight copies of the other articles.

Vista’s RTM — or release to manufacturing — deadline was initially slated for October 25, but Microsoft has pushed back that day to November 8, causing a flurry of speculation around the Internet that Vista might not be released in January 2007 after all.

The Internet is abuzz with reports that Microsoft Vista will miss an important deadline, possibly making the operating system slip its launch schedule.

Taiwan PC makers, and Microsoft watcher and journalist Paul Thurrott, have noted that the October 25 date for Vista’s release to manufacturing — or RTM — has been reset by Microsoft to November 8. Source: Newsfactor

From WindowsITPro,

A week and a half ago, online reports about an internal countdown clock at Microsoft verified my early 2006 report that the software giant was pushing for an October 25 Windows Vista release to manufacturing (RTM) date. But last week, Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft’s Platforms and Services Division, admitted that the company had run into a snag and that Microsoft wouldn’t make its planned RTM date. As of today, however, Microsoft is back on track because it has a working Vista build in escrow.

Allchin was alluding to an internal timetable that I previously reported on in WinInfo: He had told the Windows Division that Microsoft could afford to postpone Vista’s RTM date to as late as November 8 and still meet its November and January launch dates. However, each delay comes with a price, Allchin said: For each day past October 25, Microsoft will ship one fewer localized, language-specific version of Vista in the January launch.

I’ve found out that the source of Allchin’s concerns was an unexpectedly buggy pre-RTM build of Vista. The previous Friday, Microsoft pushed Vista build 5824 into escrow, hoping that the build could qualify as the final shipping version. But a catastrophic problem with the build destroyed any systems that upgraded from Windows XP, requiring complete reinstallations. After several frantic days of trying to find the bug, Microsoft finally fixed the problem last Friday and reset escrow. On Friday, Microsoft internally released build 5840, which didn’t include the bug. Testing over the weekend produced positive feedback.

Oh, and that internal countdown clock? Last week, it was reset to count down to November 8, not to October 25. It’s not clear, however, whether Microsoft will release Vista to manufacturing before November 8, and which–if any–language-specific versions of Vista will be dropped. Source: WindowsITPro

I guess we shall wait and see.