Windows Vista RC2 to be Released Friday

According to Paul Thurrot, Microsoft will release Windows Vista RC2 this Friday to beta testers, it will not be released to everyone as the previous release candidate was.

Microsoft this Friday will ship the final pre-release version of Windows Vista and, unexpectedly, will name the release as Release Candidate 2 (RC2). Previously, Microsoft had publicly asserted that it would not ship an RC2 milestone release of Windows Vista. But don’t let the name fool you: RC2 is really just a standard interim build of Vista and will not be given out to millions of users as was RC1.

While Microsoft wouldn’t confirm the specifics of the release, the company did corroborate that it was planning an upcoming interim Vista build. “As we have previously discussed, Microsoft does plan to deliver one more interim build of Windows Vista before releasing the final product,” a Microsoft spokesperson told me. “The exact name of the build, and the date of its release, have not been announced.”

I know we’ll be hearing stuff about this release in the news, but if anyone is beta testing and wants to let us know their comments, email me at webmaster at