Windows Vista License Terms?

It was posted on the Windows Vista Team Blog that the Windows Vista license terms had been posted, but when I went to the site to check them out, the links for the PDF’s don’t work. Think they are making last minute changes, or someone just screwed up? I say option number 2 Alex, maybe they shouldn’t post so much info on their blogs, hehe. They did note two notable changes,

Two notable changes between Windows Vista license terms and those for Windows XP are: 1) failure of a validation check results in the loss of access to specific features (this is the SPP news you?ve likely been reading about this past week); and 2) an increase in our warranty period from 90 days to 1 year, which brings Windows in line with most other Microsoft products.

There has been plenty of stuff posted about Windows Genuine Advantage on the internet as lots of people have had trouble, a little roundup of mine is here.