Windows Vista and Viral Marketing

Do they really go together? Well they could, but I’m not sure how this site will help very much. I guess I just don’t get the humor right now, maybe it will come together if I watch more of the available episodes, but thats probably not going to happen anytime soon.

It is no secret Demetri Martin signed up with Microsoft nearly 4 months ago in a multi-staged marketing campaign aimed to improve the image of Windows and Microsoft. So far, Microsoft has sponsored for Demetri’s stand-up tour These are Jokes, touring around the States. But Demetri Martin is best known for his Trendspotting reports in the Comedy Central show, The Daily Show.

The focus of the website is to show a series of episodic videos about a man with psychological issues who’s been sent to an institution. It is unclear how Windows Vista might tie in to the whole story, but I’m guessing Vista is going to make him less crazy? Or something along those lines of being a normal, productive and sane man.

The tone of the website is very light hearted, with plenty of family-friend jokes and amusing quotes. The artwork is by Michael Gillette. Music by Film School Music. And it even has an RSS feed. There are also options to download each video and quote featured on the website, which will very popular with teenagers who share them like crazy. Source: istartedsomething

I’m not impressed. This site will get some play because lots of people are talking about it right now because its new, and if you watch the Daily Show and like the comedian, I guess you are in. I’ll try to remember to check out the site again later on this month, or maybe after the launch of Windows Vista. ;)