Will Microsoft Release Windows XP SP3?

Just finished reading an article from InfoWorld titled Windows XP SP3 suffers uncertain future, which talks about the recent delay of Service Pack 3 for Windows XP because of a delay in Windows Vista. SP3 was pushed back to the first half of 2008, a vague range to start with, with no real commitment from Microsoft.

The latest delay has some wondering whether the upgrade will ever see the light of day.

?The fear is Service Pack 3 will just get killed off,? said Jeff Centimano, an IT consultant at Levi, Ray & Shoup.

Directions on Microsoft analyst Michael Cherry agreed that Microsoft may very well decide to drop XP Service Pack 3. ?It absolutely could happen. Microsoft is under no obligation to produce any service packs, ever,? he said. ?They feel that because these fixes are available through the auto-update that there?s less need to create a service pack.? Source: InfoWorld

I try to stay away from some of these guessing games, maybe if I was an insider and had some kind of personal knowledge, as I have no real idea when stuff is coming out other than these type of stories and press releases. I sure hope they come out with a Service Pack 3, would make lots of people lives easier, since they could download the service pack once and install it on pc’s instead of installing SP2 and then all of the security updates, etc, that have been released in the years since SP2. Only Microsoft knows for sure, but hopefully they will do the right thing by IT people.