Who is the “Father” of the iPod?

According to an article at Wired, its not Steve Jobs, it was a bunch of people, inlcuding Steve jobs.

One of these myths is that the iPod has a father — one man who conceived and nurtured the iconic device. Steve Jobs, of course, is one candidate; but engineer Tony Fadell has also been named the father of the iPod, as has Jon Rubinstein, the former head of Apple’s hardware division. While they all played key roles in the iPod’s development, the iPod was truly a team effort.

Here’s the story:

In 2000, Steve Jobs’ candy-colored iMac was leading the charge for Apple’s comeback, but to further spur sales, the company started asking, “What can we do to make more people buy Macintoshes?” Source: Wired

It’s a good read, a must for Apple fans.