Share a Song with Zune and Get Credit Back

Saw this interesting post on Techcrunch talking about rumor they posted on Crunchgear, that says, if you share a song with your Zune, and that person buys it, you get credit back, which you can then use on the Zune Marketplace. So, if you and all of your friends get a Zune, why not be the first to share the songs and get some credit for spreading the love.

We know that the zinger for the Zune is the social networking/music sharing features. Briefly, it works thusly: if we have a song on my Zune we like, we can send it to your Zune via WiFi. You can listen to the song three times for free within a 3 day window, then it will prompt you to pay for it ($1), lest it disables itself. If you do pay for the song we shared with you, then we would get a credit for turning you onto the song. Once we have enough credits, we can cash them in for free songs or other items from the Zune Marketplace. So it suits us to share, share, share. It?s sort of a backwards pyramid marketing scheme.

No information on how many credits you need to buy a song, but this will surely help Microsoft grab some market share from Apple, these are some features users definitely want, being able to share files on your wireless connection sounds great, to bad it only allows you to play them for three days. I expect some enterprising young individual to crack it and allow you to be able to share all your files for as long as you want, but I have been wrong before.

From TechCrunch,

Clearly the goal here is to create a bit of viral marketing for music and, as an added bonus, drive sales on the IZMS. As we look into the Zune more closely, it seems the MS team might have just hit on the iPod killing factors that most MP3 players have been missing thus far, although we’re still fairly excited about the touch screen iPod rumored for this year. Perhaps a Zune/TouchPod Thunder Dome is in order, with the Zune flinging DRMed pig waste at the iPod while Steve Jobs and Bill Gates act as Master and Blaster, respectively. Melinda can be Aunt Entity.

Nah, I would expect Jobs to be The Road Warrior, Mel Gibson, with Gates hiring Big Sexy Kevin Nash to ride on. Probably wouldn’t end the same as the movie…