Record Videos Straight to Your iPod

Check out this little gadget from irecord, you plug it into your audio/video system and record directly to your USB storage device, such as your iPod, or jump drive. So, you could record your favorite TV shows, cd’s or dvd’s straight to your Video iPod. The device is only $199.99.

iRecord is a Personal Media Recorder that records video and audio data onto USB mass storage devices, including iPod and PSP(PlayStationPortable). Simply connect the iRecord device to any analog video or audio source to record video or audio contents. The digitally recorded files can be immediately played back on your iPod, PSP or any other USB mass storage device that plays audio files as MP3 or video files as MP4. The recorded contents can also be taken to other players supporting H.264 video and AAC audio in MP4 file format. Source: irecord

iRecord uses patent-pending compression techniques to give you 3 hours of video/audio recording per Gigabyte of storage using H.264/AVC for video encoding and AAC for audio encoding. Music only recording is supported by MP3 audio compression to be compatible with a wide variety of MP3 players.

Demo here.