Ready for Wireless Monitors?

Saw this post on Gizmodo, everything else is wireless, why not your monitor?

The new wireless XGA receiver WID101 allows the user to receive VGA to WXGA resolution video and audio from any wireless computer via industry standard 802.11 g/a/b network protocol. Simple to install, it takes only a few minutes to link a PC with a wireless network card and the WID101 receiver to show high quality video and stereo audio on any display up to 250 ft away.

Select any of the three available transmission modes, wireless 802.11 g/a/b, wired network, or local DVI port, to output picture perfect quality digital video, via WID101?s DVI-D port. Multiple PC can request to link to a single receiver, while the user of the active transmitting PC allows or denies to pass control to another user.

The WID101 is typically used in classrooms and auditoriums, museums, houses of worship, boardrooms, and for digital signage, because of the ease of use, it quickly connects without long cables, and also offers WEP secured transmission. Source: Teq Gear