PS3 Online Capabilities

Microsoft’s Xbox has been the leader in online console gaming so far, but Sony is not planning on that being true after it releases the PS3 later this year. A lot of people online are skeptical that they can pull it off, the only way to tell is to try it out, and Rob Fahey go to do just that, he got a test drive of the new PS3 that was connected to the future online service.

Despite Microsoft’s five-year headstart in the online arena, the creators of PlayStation 3 are hoping that they can roll out an online service to rival Microsoft’s for the launch of their console in Japan and North America in just a few scant weeks’ time. A quick glance around the Internet suggests that skepticism regarding that particular goal is high – to say the least. Can a company whose online strategy in the last generation was so patchy, and their actual service so weak, really turn things around on the online front in time for the PS3′s launch?

There’s one way to tell for sure – actually look at the service in the flesh. For that, there’s nowhere better to go than the office of Sony’s worldwide studios boss Phil Harrison, located in Soho just near London’s Oxford Street. Lots of Soho offices are pretty swish – but few of them have a fully functioning PlayStation 3 unit sitting under a massive HDTV screen, and hooked up to the test version of the PS3 online network which will switch over into a live service in early November when the console heads to store shelves in Japan and America. Source: Eurogamer

Nice detailed review on the experience, from booting it up to the possibility of being able to download movies to your PS3.