Playstation Mod Chip Seller Hit with Million Dollar Suit

If you have been into gaming for very long, or do much research on the internet, then you’ve known about mod chips for awhile, whether you actually know what they do or how they work is another story, but I’ve seen ads all over the place. Anywhere from $50 to a couple hundred dollars you can get a mod chip, or even have them installed and they will let you play copied games in your console, Xbox, PS1, PS2, Xbox 360, Gamecube, etc, and the newer systems with the hard drives, you can copy complete games to the hard drive and play them from there. Making it very easy to rent a game, copy it to your hard drive and never having to rent or buy it again. Well, three such mod chip sellers are paying the price as Sony has accused them of violating the DMCA and they are charged with $9 million in damages.

Mod chip seller Divineo and two other defendants are on the hook for over $9 million in damages after a federal court judge found that they had violated the DMCA by selling mod chips for consoles. The defendants were accused by Sony of trafficking in mod chips as well as the application HDLoader, which allows owners of the PlayStation 2 console to rip and store PS2 games on a hard drive attached to the system.

Divineo is a company based in France that sells parts, accessories, and until recently, mod chips for the Xbox, Xbox 360, PSOne, PS2, GameCube, and other systems. Source: arstechnica

They had to know it was coming eventually, these people cost these gaming companies money, and they don’t like that. Most companies loose money selling the consoles and make up the difference in selling the games for them, something they can’t do if people don’t actually buy them.

Buyer and seller beware.