Peer to Peer Operator Sentenced to Jail

An operator of the Elite Torrents service, Grant T. Stanley, has been sentenced to 5 months prison, 5 months home confinement, 3 years probation and a $3,000 dollar fine in his role as network administrator.

At one time, the Elite Torrents network had more than 133,000 members and allegedly facilitated the illegal distribution of more than 2 million copies of movies, software, music and games. Federal officials said “Star Wars: Episode III ? Revenge of the Sith” was available through Elite Torrents six hours before it even debuted in theaters.

“We hope this case sends the message that cyberspace will not provide a shield of anonymity for those who choose to break our copyright laws,” U.S. Attorney John Brownlee said in a statement. Source: Yahoo

He was one of three people convicted of copyright infringement in Operation D-Elite, which was a federal crackdown on suppliers of pirated works to Elite Torrents, which agents shut down in May 2005. The other two names were not mentioned in the report.