Overclocking the Dual Core Chips

Those guys at tomhshardware are always looking for some cheap thrills, this time, they are trying to overclock the cheaper versions of the new Dual Core Intel chips.

Low-cost processors have always lent themselves well to overclocking in the past. This is because all processors in a given family are created equal. Each wafer holds a few hundred processor dies, which, after going through functional tests, are turned into actual products. Whether a die becomes a Core 2 Duo E6500 or E6700 processor mostly depends on customer demand today. Since entry-level processors originate from the same source as that of high-end devices, they usually have the same overclocking potential as well.For entry-level Core 2 Duo devices with only 2-MB instead of 4-MB L2 cache, we might not be able to replace the missing cache, but we can certainly increase the clock rate. Can a simple speed increase overcome the cache deficit? What performance can you expect from an overclocked Core 2 Duo? Source: Toms Hardware

Depending on what you need, this can very well be worth it, but you might be better off just getting a faster chip.