My Quick Internet Explorer 7 Review

Just got around to installing IE7 today, been using it for a few hours now, and I must say I like it a lot better than version 6. They got rid of the big buttons and made the top part smaller, so you actually get more of the webpage showing, they also added a search box after the address bar, it defaults to msn, but you can add more search engines or change the default search engine.

I like the tabbed browsing so far, initially when I first used it in Firefox, I didn’t like it, but it was just because I was used to alt tabbing between windows, etc, but, I’m old and set in my ways. This is a lot better than the grouping that was introduced in earlier versions; I turned that off in about 2 seconds.

It has the ability to find RSS feeds on the page you are on, although it doesn’t always work, when you click on one you can add it to your saved feeds with one click, but what would be nice is if the feed button in the browser did the same thing, but I guess it would have to detect the feeds first. All it really amounts to, as far as I can tell, is a bookmark to a feed, and it displays it in html format, and not the xml code. I will probably keep using the feeds I setup on my Google homepage, which I can tell by a quick glance if there are new posts or not, with IE7 you have to mouse over it to see if there are new posts before you click on them.

It asks when you install if you want to run the Phishing filter, I told it yes, but didn’t let it run very long, it really slowed down some sites, it may speed up on later visits to the same sites, but I visit new sites all the time, and I don’t click on unsolicited emails, so I think I’ll be all right without it.

The zoom feature is pretty cool, but not sure if I like the new favorites button, maybe if I rearrange my favorites somehow, but it uses less room, and when you have a lot of bookmarks, it seems hard to navigate. You can always add the menu bar back, so you can use the normal links at the top, but I’ll see if I can get used to the new way.

Security remains to be seen, I guess we’ll find out soon enough if it is more secure or not. Once I get used to where everything is at, I think I will really like it, it’s just new, so there’s some getting used to. Microsoft will be pushing it out to everyone the first of November, but it you want to get it now, visit the download page and get the latest version, I think you’ll like it.

As I find new stuff and figure out the differences, I will just tack it on at the end of this post.