Is Windows Vista Ready?

Over on the All About Microsoft blog, Mary Jo Foley has got some beta tester feedback on the upcoming release of Windows Vista, but not just any beta tester feedback, she’s got feedback from some of the core group of testers, MVPs, authors of books on Vista, and website operators who continually take Microsoft to task for the latest release.

?Although the user interface (UI) is pretty nice I feel it?s also sloppy and slow. And yes, my computer has a 4.2 rating and a GeForce 7800 which should be enough to run some of those effects. It?s ridiculous that even one of the fastest machines out there needs almost two seconds to open Control Panel and even one to two (seconds) to go to the Security section. I want my new machine to be effective and fast but Vista is sometimes acting like its on Valium,” Villinger adds.

Lots of great opinions, I guess we will know for sure when Windows Vista finally ships.