Interview with Jim Allchin

Mary Jo Foley interviews Jim Allchin, the co-president of Microsoft, he talks about what they learned from Vista, why was it Windows XP SP2 instead of an operating system or service release, and more.

After Bill Gates, the man whose name is most closely associated with Windows is Jim Allchin. Allchin, the co-president of Microsoft?s platforms and services business, is in his final months at Microsoft. As previously announced, the 16-year Microsoft veteran plans to leave the company in January, following the retail launch of Windows Vista.

Q: So what was the deal with Windows XP SP2? I was always curious why you guys didn’t call that an operating system release, which it really was.

Allchin: Well, right or wrong, that buck stops with me, because I made that decision. And this was against Steve Ballmer’s direction or opinion to me. And here’s the reason why I did it. In hindsight I look like an idiot.

(But) I’ll stand by my decision. I stood by my decision because I was absolutely so worried about customers hesitating in deploying this, and I thought there could be a complete meltdown that customers were at risk.

And so I wanted to do anything I could to ease the deployment, and I felt that if I called this thing Windows XP release 2 or anything like that, I would have started a retest, re-verification, delay the deployment and in would have come an attack of some form. I wanted to, even with as simple thing as the name, we did things in technology to make it simple to deploy, too. Source: What did Microsoft learn from Vista?

Definitely worth a look see.