IE7 Has Trouble with Google Websites

Was just reading some of the coverage on the release of Internet Explorer 7 and noticed a post by Robert Scoble in which he said the Google Reader website loads very slow for him, Firefox vs. IE 7 (IE7 having trouble with Google sites?). I to have noticed that almost everything by Google loads very slowly for me, takes a lot longer to display the page, my personal Google homepage takes awhile longer to load as well. Google sitemaps loads okay, no problems there.

But IE7 does have some challenges ahead of it. Some sites in it render very slow. Most notably for me, Google Reader. I?m also using the new Firefox 2 and Firefox is a LOT faster. IE7 is frustratingly slow on Google Reader. It seems to hang whenever new stuff is being downloaded in the background via AJAX. To be fair, Google is probably pushing the browser in all sorts of ways, even the MSN team decided to back off on its use of AJAX due to speed problems, though ( used to have an infinite scroll capability, which I really loved but they got rid of it after speed complaints came in).

UPDATE: I just went to Google Maps with both browsers too. Same results. Firefox 2 is a LOT faster on AJAX (dragging the map around feels a lot better on Firefox 2).

Any other Google sites anyone is having trouble with?

All of the main Google pages linked to from the Google search engine, Google Video, Google Images, Google News and the search engine itself all load as well as they used to, with Google Maps being the only one to load slower.