IBM Sees the Light, Updates Mainframe Software

I’ve worked on an IBM AS/400/iSeries for a few years now, well, I’m sure some of my colleagues opinions vary on what constitutes work, but, as anyone who has worked on one, the leap from computers to mainframes is huge, and IBM has finally decided to move to a graphical interface in an effort to simplify the running of a mainframe computer.

That means mainframes will finally get more of the graphical interfaces and drag-and-drop controls that are standard on personal computers and servers today. The absence of such features is thought to hinder the recruitment of new mainframe engineers, who are in dire need. Because of the long history of the platform, many mainframe experts are nearing retirement.

The programming effort, along with IBM’s continuing work to encourage mainframe training in university computer science programs, is designed to accelerate the growth of the mainframe, said Jim Stallings, general manager of IBM’s mainframe line.

“It’s not so much about protecting, it’s about going after new customers and markets,” he said. Source: Yahoo

Sounds good to me, a lot of those commands are more difficult than linux commands to remember, especially if you don’t run them very often. I find myself re-learning how to do stuff all the time, but I guess most of that is my fault, because, I could, you know, write it down. And they are right, every IBM guy I know who works on these things are getting old, no offense guys, and if they don’t get some more new blood coming in, they could cease to exist. ;)