Google May Be Buying YouTube for $1.6 Billion

In case you haven’t seen it on your favorite news sites by now, there was a rumor released last night from TechCrunch that Google could be thinking about buying YouTube for 1.6 billion dollars. Sounds crazy at first thought, but, it could be possible, sure. Google wouldn’t be worried about litagation as much, even though they are for sure going to be sued once they buy it, they could monopolize the site very easily and make up their money in a few years if the traffic holds up, and once again one of their projects, Google Video, is not taking off like they want, YouTube currently receives four times the traffic as Google Video. I’ll not post all the links to other sites reporting on this story, there are almost 90 trackbacks, or links, to other sites talking about it, the Wall Street journal, Associated Press, Reuters all have the story. I don’t think Google has responded anywhere yet.

Visit TechCrunch or digg the story.

Added: Techdirt has a good post on this story, here, where they talk about the circle-jerk of manufactured legitimacy this has become with TechCrunch providing the first post, as a rumor, WSJ journal reporting a tip from a “person familiar with the matter”, hundreds of blogs and websites reporting the news, and the Techcrunch posting again saying the Wall Street Journal is reporting it. What we need is someone from Google or YouTube to deny or confirm it.