Firefox 2.0 Hits the FTP Server

They noticed over at Ars Technica that there was a brand new directory on the Mozilla Foundation’s FTP servers that looked like it contains the new Firefox 2.0. The latest version offers many new features and enhancements, including, Visual Refresh, which is Firefox 2′s theme and user interface, built-in phishing protection that warns users when they encounter suspected Web forgeries, enhanced search capabilities, improved tabbed browsing, being able to resume your browser session, and everything you were doing before the crash, previewing and subscribing to Web feeds, inline spell checking, Live Titles, an improved Add-ons manager, JavaScript 1.7 support, extended search plugin formats, the extension system has been updated to provide enhanced security and to allow for easier localization of extensions, client-side session and persistent storage, support for the svg:textpath specification, and a new Windows installer.

Ars contacted Firefox to find out if version 2.0 had been released a day ahead of schedule. We were told that “Mozilla has started the process to get Firefox 2 ready for release on Tuesday,” by a Mozilla spokesperson. “Mozilla does not guarantee that any set of files currently found within its Web site or elsewhere will be the final release. Starting tomorrow afternoon, everyone should go through Mozilla’s main channels for download at or to obtain Firefox, as this is the pathway Mozilla has optimized for the high volume of Web traffic.” Source: Ars Technica

So, don’t download it until tomorrow when they officially release it, or you may end up with some problems you don’t need.