Early Christmas Gift from Microsoft

Microsoft announced yesterday their plan for everyone who buys a PC from Christmas, a lost cost upgrade to Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007. So, if you are planning on buying a PC today, wait until tomorrow, so you can get your coupon.

Microsoft Corp. today announced programs to provide holiday shoppers with low-cost upgrades to Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office release with the purchase of a new Windows Vista Capable personal computer. Microsoft is working with participating computer manufacturers and system builders that plan to sell PCs loaded with Windows XP or pre-installed with 2003 Microsoft Office software to make the Express Upgrade to Windows Vista and Microsoft Office Technology Guarantee programs available to consumers and small businesses from Oct. 26, 2006, through March 15, 2007.

?Our customers can shop for a new PC with confidence this holiday season because of the Express Upgrade to Windows Vista and Office Technology Guarantee programs,? said Mike Sievert, corporate vice president of Windows Client Marketing at Microsoft. ?These programs ensure people will have a great experience with their Windows XP-based PCs today, and an even better one when Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office release become available.? Source: Microsoft

So, for every purchase of a computer loaded with Windows XP, they recommend you consider Windows Vista Capable PCs that are Premium Ready, this includes computers loaded with Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition or Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. Computers that are Premium Ready can deliver all of the Windows Vista experiences, including features such as the Windows Aero user experience and Media Center.

Sounds like a good deal, they are making up for the fact that Window Vista was not ready for this last quarter, and are “helping” us out while they help themselves out by getting more users on the Windows Vista path.

From the Windows Vista Team Blog,

Check out the Express Upgrade site for details.

Windows Vista upgrades may be offered for free or at a discounted price (shipping and handling charges may also apply), so it pays to check with the particular PC manufacturer for details specific to their offer.

Consider looking for “Windows Vista Capable” PCs designated as “Premium Ready,” as these PCs are designed to deliver the core Windows Vista experience. PCs carrying only the “Windows Vista Capable” logo may be eligible for the program, but the offer may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Go here for more information about Windows Vista Capable and Premium Ready PCs.

Similar programs are available on a region by region basis for boxed product upgrades, so check your local retailers.