Consumers Will Pirate Because of DRM Frustration

Last week at the Digital Home Developers Conference Brad Hunt, the MPAA’s executive vice president and chief technology officer, said that piracy is the inevitable outcome of our inability to provide a simple, inter-compatible and non-intrusive DRM solution. Consumers will pirate content if it’s easier, especially if it’s easier sharing it in their home, this is a proven fact, make it hard for consumers and they will move to the easiest option, downloading from the internet and using pirated copies.

“At a time when entertainment devices such as high-definition DVD players, media center PCs, IPTV set top boxes and digital media adapters are being introduced in the marketplace with increasing frequency, it is imperative that controls be in place to curb illegal duplication of copyrighted content,” Hunt said.

Hunt also recited a now familiar statistic.

“I think it is really important to realize that virtually all of the major [movie] studios earn most of their income from content enjoyed in the home,” he said. “In 2005, theater revenue made up only 15.7 percent of total studio profits, while home video entertainment was around 47.1 percent.” Source: Yahoo

I doubt they will ever make a good, non intrusive DRM solution, but hopefully they will be able to make all of them interact so we have less troubles over all. Of course not all of piracy is caused by DRM problems, some I would say is because they wait so long to release DVD’s, etc, if people want it now, they will try to get it now, and if the only solution is piracy, well, it doesn’t make it right, but it will make more people inclined to do it.