Cisco Launches Video Conferencing Tools

Looks like Cisco networks is jumping into the Video Conferencing arena, today they launched Cisco TelePresence, their high end attempt at real time video conferencing using high-definition monitors, highly sensitive audio equipment and integrated networking gear. They aim to make it so real that you will think the person on the monitor is in the same room.

One of Cisco’s newest products is a high-end room that can accommodate up to 12 people around the virtual table and comes with three 65-inch plasma displays, three high-definition cameras, and the table and lighting. Price: $299,000.

The other is a single-screen version that costs $79,000 and can accommodate four people. Source: Ap at Yahoo

I guess they are targeting Fortune 500 companies, and large organizations who can afford such an investment, but I don’t know too many of those myself. They say a robust network is needed, the high end room will use 10 megabits of bandwidth per second! Wow! A Gartner analyst said it was an amazing illusion, but the steep price makes it irrelevant for most businesses.

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