Windows XP’s Hidden Program

Apparently, there is a hidden program in Windows XP, it’s called Private Character Editor, it’s a graphics tool in which you can design logos, fonts and icons.

To start the program go to Run in the Start Menu then type eudcedit and click OK.

It will then open the program, and you just select a hexadecimal code for your first character from the grid to start then click OK and you are now ready to begin designing. Using the set of drawing tools on the left you can do your own design. When you have finished you can save your character, either in a particular font, or all fonts. You can use your design in your documents or email for example. Source: Smartbro’s

You’ll be the only one who will see it, unless you send the font to everyone you’ll ever email, hehe, I guess you could try to get it included in a future version of windows somehow, not sure how that works, or save it as a graphic, which lots of people will not be able to see because they read their email in text only. But, if you are looking to create unique fonts for graphics on a website, printouts, etc, this is for you.

Added: A forgotten Windows XP Theme was recently discovered, check it out here.