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Lots of activity and searches for Windows XP Themes, here are some great programs for skinning XP and adding themes, and links to great sites full of themes for Windows.

WindowBlinds 6 WindowBlinds is a program that that enables Windows users to completely change the look and feel of the Windows user interface. Users customize Windows by using visual styles (skins) created for WindowBlinds. With these skins, WindowBlinds can change the look of Title bars, borders, Task bar, Start button, Start menu, Progress animations, Toolbar icons, Explorer Views, and virtually every other part of Windows! Thousands and Thousands of skins are available for Windowblinds, so the $19.95 you will spend for the program will be all you will need to spend. Try it now.

WindowBlinds is the only program that can customize the GUI of Windows XP without having to alter system DLLs.


  1. Skins virtually every aspect of the Windows GUI
  2. Clean and easy configuration dialog.
  3. Tons of configuration options for users
  4. Animation supported on titlebars, buttons, and many other elements.
  5. Change the color of any visual style on the fly
  6. Per-application visual styles
  7. Safe, reliable way to change the look and feel of Windows

Buy it now for only $19.95.

XP Visual tools Finally a complete suite of Windows XP Desktop enhancement, XP Visual Tools it’s loaded with all you needs to tweak your Windows XP Desktop. Now you can do anything you want, from changing transparency level of XP Start Menu and XP Taskbar to easy swapping between different Windows XP LogonUI or Windows XP Wallpapers and applying Windows XP Skins (XP Themes) to old programs. And it’s only $9.85!

Talisman Desktop
Talisman Desktop 2.5 is a desktop themes alternative and shell-replacement for Windows 9x/ME and NT/2000/XP, capable of transforming your desktop into an interface organized as you like. The program’s basic purpose: Launch other applications in a new interface, instead of the standard Windows desktop themes. But the opportunities presented by Talisman are much broader. The program does not limit your computer fantasies – draw anything you like and arrange it as your imagination tells you to. When you get tired of looking at the same screen – change it all over again. If you are in a good mood – throw flowers and favorite photos on the screen. If you’re not feeling so bright – leave the black screen with lonely Norton Commander or winking Bill Gates. Create invisible buttons – they will open those places and the pictures, known only to you. Construct galleries of the best pictures and photos. Simply create your own little world, created by and for you, instead of staring at the same lines of icons on your desktop, year after year. You can get free Talisman desktop themes at their website or you can even buy a cd-rom of over 200 themes for only $15.00. Get your copy of Talisman Desktop today!

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