Windows Vista Transformation Pack 5.5

Have you tried Windows Vista, but had to go back to Windows XP for some reason, driver didn’t work, device didn’t work, etc. Well, if you loved the new look, you can still get it with the Vista Transformation Pack. The pack changes your system icons, skins and toolbars and adds some new enhancements such as dick bar or even a different system tray clock. In this release you’ll get Windows Media Player skins, WindowBlinds skin, and lots of bug fixes from the previous pack. If you look on the download site, there are 53 reviews, most of which are positive, a few have apparently had trouble, as it is with all things, but looks like the majority like it and have had success with it. As always, do a system restore point, back up any important files and cross your fingers, hehe. Below is a list of stuff that has been added or fixed. Click here to get it now.

Added 2 Vista 5270 visual styles
Aero Style (Glass – Beta 2)
Aero Style (Vista – Beta 2)
Added 2 Vista Media Player skins
Windows Media Player 11 (
WMP11 (MaStErHaCk)
Added 2 Vista screensavers
Added 8 new Vista wallpapers from build 5270
Added Vista (Beta 2) stuffs such as
progress dialog
start button
toolbar icons
Added WindowBlinds glass skin
Corrected some Vista icons (Printers and Search)
Fixed annoying cached files in harddisk source (such as i386, servicepackfiles, etc.)
Fixed file extraction buffer error (some files that might be lost on some machines)
Fixed Glass2k uninstallation bug
Fixed unattended transformation issues on unattended installation (Works only on First-Run transformation mode)
Removed “Aero Style (Glass – 51xx)” since it?s similar to Beta 2 ones
Updated ToolBar style settings
Updated Vista Beta 1 progress buttons
Updated visual styles
Fixed TreeExpandCollapse transparency bug
Renamed “Aero Style (52xx)” to “Aero Style (Beta 2)”
Fixed CaptionButton background bugs in Vista visual styles
-Fixed Compact StartPanel bugs in Aero Style (Vista – Beta 1) visual style
Updated ListviewHeader image to new Vista ones
Updated Logoff/Shutdown button position in Beta 2 series
Updated new 5270 stuffs to Beta 2 series
Updated some improved elements in Beta 1 serires
Updated Tabitem images to ones used in IE7 in Beta 2 series

Full size screenshots are here.