Top 10 Most Insidious Spyware Apps

Sunbelt has released the list of ten most insidious spyware apps, something they do every month, as a sales promotion tool, the company publishes a list of active and commonly found spyware. The results are based on the monthly scans performed by Sunbelt’s antispyware product CounterSpy.

DesktopScam will display false warnings that the computer is infected and uses a fake Windows update globe to trick the user into thinking that Microsoft Windows is reporting a spyware infection.

Zango.SearchAssistant opens new browser windows showing Web sites based on the previous websites you visit. The adware will run in the background on a computer and will periodically direct users to other sponsors’ Web sites, allowing users to compare prices between Web sites.

Go here for the rest. I included the number 1 above and I also included Zango, since they seem to think they are some kind of normal software app and that they have never installed without permission.