Spam Gets Personal

Looks like the spammers are picking up the pace, and are getting better at bypassing filters meant to block them. Experts say spammers are really close to being able to send personalized spam, using subject lines that are more likely to get users to open up the spam.

“The end game is for spammers to pull together information from the site where they harvested your address and generate highly specific subject lines using text automatically extracted from the source,” he told

Such an email stands a greater chance of slipping through a single-technology filter such as the Bayesian spam filter in Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client favoured by many techies.

Earlier this month, MessageLabs warned about targeted phishing attacks using personal information harvested from social networking sites like MySpace. Source: vnunet via

If we can EVER get users to quit clicking on spam, it could possibly go away, but as long as spammers are making money, they will send it and send it and send it.