Microsoft Zune vs. iPod Comparisons

Was reading the Zune Insider Blog, via digg, and he as posted a list of six sites with Zune vs iPod comparisons.

A few folks put together Zune-iPod comparisons and I wanted to link to them.

Zune Groove is one such site and they say,

We dug up this nice little chart putting the Zune specs and iPod specs head-to-head. I’d say these two are very close in terms of what each offers. iPod seems to have the size edge, but as far as sharing your content it goes to the Zune hands down.

Battery life is also similar with the iPod looking to beat the Zune by a little. Though this may also be slightly inaccurate due to customers complaining of the dwindling battery life the iPod seems to endure.

Let’s just hope the Zune doesn’t suffer the same fate

Not a whole lot of info, but it may be interesting to people thinking of purchasing a Zune when they come out.