Microsoft Files 20 New Piracy Lawsuits

In its continuing efforts to stop piracy, Microsoft has filed 20 new lawsuits in 17 states, including the manufacture and distribution of pirated software and/or engaging in hard disk loading, the practice of loading unlicensed software on a computer to sell to consumers. The consumer usually has no knowledge that they are getting unlicensed software until some method uncovers it, like Windows Genuine Advantage.

The lawsuits were filed against Cyber Solutions and of Ohio; Sumner Transatlantic of Connecticut; Byte Me Computers of Oregon; JFG Tek Computers of New Jersey; and Computers 4 Less, EComp,, Silver Eagle Computers and The Wholesale Computer, all of Florida.

Additionally, suits were filed against Atlantatechnology, Dalsand Computers and GForce Computer Sales and Services of Georgia; America’s Computers & Wireless of Kansas; and Unet Computer of New York; Computers and Laptops Fixture, ITQ Computers/One-Line, Millennium Communications, and Computers Unlimited, all of Texas.

In addition to the suit, Microsoft also released details of a forensic analysis of counterfeited versions of Windows XP across 17 states. The study found that risks exist for consumers in using counterfeited software. One in three discs could not be installed on a computer, and 43 percent contained code not originally part of Microsoft Windows. Source: Betanews

Meaning lots of this pirated software is coming with extra software, such as rootkits, adware, etc, and those computers are probably part of a botnet as soon as they boot up. Scary stuff, especially if you have no idea what is or what could happen.