IM Worm Attack Cloaked in Virtual Card Hoax

A new IM worm, dubbed W32Heartworm.A by Facetime, has been discovered that opens up a picture of a heart when you become infected and it then attempts to steal your banking data. The heart picture is taken from a site dealing with internet hoaxes, Quatrocantos, and the infection site mentions a “virtual card for you”…which is the name of a famous hoax stretching back to the year 2000. Clever stuff. Otherwise, you have no idea you were just infected with anything, and since they are referencing a known site that lists internet hoaxes, I would say most people wouldn’t think about it again, atleast until there machine starts acting….

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This is definitely one that could trick many users because it references the old internet hoax, A Virtual Card for You, and as these worms become more and more sophisticated at the social aspect of the engineering, we are going to need the companies that run these instant messaging programs to step up and actually block these urls as they are reported. We all know how easy it is to get messed up and click on the wrong thing, or type in the wrong text when an instant messaging window pops up. Wayne Porter calls it hoax cloaking,

“This is a cultural camouflage approach which we call “hoax cloaking”. It is a defensive construct that adopts the very lore, memes and culture of the Internet to serve as a self-preservation and cloaking mechanism, much like the advanced construction of a “media virus”.

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