IE7 Update Could Adversely Affect Many Websites

In July, Microsoft announced that it will update Windows XP SP2 users automatically using Windows auto updates, in the past Microsoft has phased them in slowly, this one will be done practically overnight. Now, I’ve heard mostly good things about IE7, I still have not tried it myself, I know, I know, what kind of geek am I, I will probably wait until it upgrades everyone and see what happens. But, when that happens, online merchants will see the biggest part of their userbase changing browsers, and they will be answering the phones a LOT more than they do now, until users get used to using IE7.

“I applaud what Microsoft’s done with IE 7, and the browser works very well,” said Richard Litofsky of Rockville, Md.-based cyScape. “But even the best software needs time to work out things once it’s in the wild.”

The automatic updating of most browsers — Internet Explorer controls 83 percent of the world’s browser market according to the most recent data from Net Applications — will stress Web sites’ help desks like nothing before, Litofsky claimed.

“Virtually overnight all these sites are going to be running a whole new platform.” Source: Techweb

If you have trouble when you are updated to IE7, you can use this tool, User Agent String Utility version 2, to make the website think your browser is IE6, as you could have rendering problems if the website does not know what browser you are using.