Hybrid Hard Drives and Windows Vista

If you have used your computer for any length of time, then you’ve probably already guessed that the hard drive is the slowest component in your system. I’ve been waiting for the day when we have hard drives that are faster, lots faster, has that day arrived, well, yes and no. Tom’s Hardware has reviewed Samsung’s 32 GB Flash Drive and it looks like it could be very useful, even if it’s not ready for prime time. You can add this flash drive to your system and you can create hybrid hard drives, which allows Windows Vista to prioritize data accross the hard drive and flash drive to help cut down waiting times on data access.

Windows Vista has two new, related features, one is called Windows ReadyBoost, and it allows you to add flash storage, such as this flash drive or a usb thumb drive, and because Windows can retrieve data more quickly, it can really improve system performance, and the data is encrypted when the device is removed to prevent access by others.

The second feature is called Windows ReadyDrive and combined with the flash drive will allow your computer to boot up faster, resume from hibernate in less time, preserve battery power, and improve hard disk reliability. You can store your operating system files and swap file on the flash drive and cut your boot time in half, if their review is any indication.

Samsung has released mobile computers based upon its Solid State Flash hard drives into the Korean market as of early June. The Q30 laptop generates as little as ~30 db(A) of noise, while the Q1 portable runs totally silent and according to Samsung both boot Windows XP 25-50% faster than systems featuring traditional hard drives. Considering that both system run on conventional Pentium M / Centrino hardware, their respective MSRPs of $3,700 and $2,430 seem a little pricey.

As a stand-alone purchase it would wise to utilize the fast file access as a location for your operating system and swap files, and distribute file/system access between existing drives. Integrated features of the drive also let users easily take advantage of Vista’s new ReadyBoost/Superfetch features. The power consumption and physical sturdiness of the unit indicate strong inclinations toward mobile use and should allow for the manufacture of products with longer battery life, increased durability and reduced weight as well as decreasing boot times. Non-volatile, large capacity Flash based SSD is a fantastic idea whose time has almost come.

It’s a great review, click here and check out all of the comparisons with regular hard drives, suffering mainly in bandwidth limitations due to the interface, one of these drives could boost your system performance greatly.