Google and Apple Sitting in a Tree

Talking about Video ing. This is the word from the BBC, via Engadget.

US magazine Newsweek reports that Google is talking to Apple about supplying video clips for the player.

The iTV device lets users watch video content stored on their desktop PC on their home TVs.

Google’s consumer product chief, Marissa Mayer, told Newsweek that the two companies are “engaged in talks”.

And with Google’s Eric Schmidt on Apple’s board of directors, this is probably already a done deal, but we won’t hear anything else until it comes out. Not that there is anything on Google video that I would like to see on my TV, it does open up some possibilities for some of these video creators. Their biggest competitor will be Microsoft, whose Xbox 360 in conjunction with a PC running Windows Media Center Edition or Vista with a TV tuner card will be able to stream live TV and vice versa.