Ever Wonder Why Windows Takes So long to Boot?

Found an article on why Windows can take longer and longer to boot up. It describes the prefetch cache slowing it down because it gets clogged up with more and more programs, this is because Windows tries to load programs faster for you, so it loads parts of the programs you ran on your last session to make them load faster. It tells you how to make this faster, it also talks about the hard drive getting defragmented, network drives slowing you down, adware and spyware and file and printer sharing. Check it out, Why windows takes so long to start up. But, read on before you do.

Well, some of this info is incorrect, you should not clean out your prefetch folder, according to Ed Bott,

Bottom line: You will not improve Windows performance by cleaning out the Prefetch folder. You will, in fact, degrade Windows performance by cleaning out the Prefetch folder. I’ve done performance testing that establishes this definitively. In all the many sites that offer this bogus tip, I have yet to see a single piece of actual performance testing.

So, while the article is helpful in telling you to defragment your hard drive, clean spyware and adware, but, whatever you do, do not empty the prefecth folder. Some will say it will help if you test programs, or check out a program and never run it again, but Windows cleans up the folder and removes program that are no longer used.