Don’t Buy Your HD DVD Player for Another Year

This is the advice from Digital Home Canada, because sales are low, movie companies won’t pay to create and market the HD DVDs to play in the players, its one of those vicious circles, once sales increase and there are millions of players in circulation, that’s when movie companies will pay to release the content.

If you think we’re picking on HD DVD, we’re not. Although sales of Blu-ray players have not been made public, anecdotal evidence suggests that HD DVD is probably the better seller of the two formats so what we’ve said about HD DVD players is even truer for Blu-ray.

Our advice is to hold off buying any high definition DVD player for at least another year or until sales of one format reaches a million units. If they still exist, we believe a high def player might be a suitable present for Christmas 2007 or 2008.

In the interim, if you want to watch movies in high definition, our recommendation is to subscribe a high definition movie channel such as TMN HD in Canada or HBO HD in the United States. These HD movie channels show hundreds of movies and specialty programs in high definition every month and a monthly subscription is less than the price of one HD DVD or Blu-ray movie!

Sounds like good advice to me, no use buying a player if there is nothing to play in it. Advisor: Wait another year to buy high def DVD player