Windows Vista Coupon for the Holiday Shopping Season

Microsoft will be offering some sort of promotion this fall that will allow users to easily upgrade to Windows Vista when it is finally availible. Microsoft is being tight lipped about what it is exactly, and are probably not talking about it to keep from killing back to school computer sales.

“This will incent (encourage) that small percentage of people that are waiting to make a purchase,” Bhavnani said.

Microsoft has continued to say that it is still finalizing the Vista offer. Some say, however, that the software maker and PC companies could just be staying mum about it so as not to hurt back-to-school season sales.

Kay said he believes the coupon offer will start in late October, noting that Microsoft probably has no incentive to lay out its plans until the back-to-school shopping season winds down at the end of September.

“Talking about it right now is probably not a good idea,” Kay said. Source:

I don’t know, in the long run it probably won’t hurt pc sales as much, but if you are trying to decide between that plasma tv and a new computer, this could affect those sales, get the plasma now and pc later, etc. But, upgrading the operating system on a pc is not something everyone wants to do and can be a daunting task if you have problems, so it may affect the less technical among us.