446 Million Watching TV on Cell Phones?

As John Belushi said in Animal House, bull shit, cough cough bull shit.

Based on a recent study from IMS Research entitled Mobile TV ? A Complete Analysis of the Global Market ? 2006 Edition, mobile TV delivered over the cellular data network should experience strong growth and build on its early lead in the marketplace. However beginning early in 2010, cellular network-based mobile TV subscriptions will be overtaken by even quicker growth in digital broadcast services. By then, more than half of the world?s mobile TV subscribers will receive their video via a mobile digital broadcast service.

?Given the right conditions, mobile TV has the potential to spread from one customer to the next like few technologies before it,? stated one of the report?s authors, Stephen Froehlich. ?If providers effectively supply compelling content, quality reception, and affordable, attractive phones, then every new mobile TV subscriber can become a mobile TV evangelist. However, to make their customers into product evangelists, mobile TV service providers and their partners must invest enough in infrastructure and technology to enable both wide population coverage and good indoor reception.?

Okay, this could possibly be true, I mean there are lots of people in the world who are not like me, hehe, but the only way I see it happening, is if they count it when someone watches a video clip, or something small, if they are counting on people watching TV shows on them everyday, maybe commuters on a train, etc. But I will not be watching TV on a cell phone, unless someone walks up, hands me their phone and says hey yall, watch this. Otherwise, bull shit, cough cough, bull shit.