Spim, Splog and Spam On the Rise

Instant Messaging spam, or spim, blog spam, or splog, and spam are all on the rise, according to a report from MessageLabs. They said in the report the spammers are all targeting new means of communication that may not have the same safeguards as email. Well, what safeguards we do have really suck, spammers suck, the whole thing sucks.

“On IM and on the Web, we’ve seen a huge hike in link spam,” Sunner told ZDNet UK. “Spammers send just a hyperlink, which can lead to a malicious site, or a phishing site,” he said.

MessageLabs expects “cross-pollination” of ill-intended software across different protocols. It also said growing convergence between different proprietary Web-based IM systems will also help spammers.

In June, spam made up 64.8 percent of global e-mail traffic, an increase of 6.9 percent over the previous month, according to the report.

This was due to a fluctuation in the number of operational networks of compromised computers sending out spam, MessageLabs said.

“Over the year, spam levels are like a sine wave–they ebb and flow in tandem with botnet distributions–with how botnets grow and shrink. The bad guys seed more, but then more measures are taken against them,” Sunner said. Source: News.com

Interesting to note that spam is still increasing and still accounts for almost two thirds of the worlds email traffic, which is rediculous, how outraged would the world be if almost two thirds of all phone calls were people looking to sell you stuff unsolicited? Very, and i can’t believe it has gone on this long, we are long overdue for a revamping of how our email systems work.