Pentagon Watching Youtube Closely

The Pentagon is keeping a close eye on what its troops post online, with special attention being paid to videos that show the aftermath of combat.

One soldier who served in Iraq in 2005 told the BBC there was “a tight watch” being kept on video and pictures posted to MySpace, with civilian contractors monitoring the internet on behalf of the Pentagon.

The BBC has not been able to confirm that contractors are scouring the internet for inappropriate material from the military.

But US Central Command – which is responsible for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan – does have a team reading blogs and responding to what they consider inaccuracies about the so-called war on terror.

Some troops just want people to know what they have been through

And a longstanding military public affairs officer in Iraq said the Pentagon is also worried about some of the images that are appearing online.

“There’s continuing concern about the use of these videos and stills being used by our enemies to propagate the false notion that our military members are barbaric, warmongers – which is unequivocally not the case.

The balancing act is hard, I can understand why the government wouldn’t want these videos to be used by enemies but I can also see why troops would want a record of what they have been through, and how rough it is. Regardless, I hope everyone who is or is going over there comes back ok.

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