Viewer Discretion is Advised

SiteAdvisor’s latest blog entry is about movies and actresses and just exactly which searches are the most dangerous.

Steven Spielberg accidentally invented the “summer blockbuster” in 1975 when Jaws unexpectedly grossed over $100 million within the first month of its release. Since then, the major movie studios have increasingly relied on the summer season to release their biggest, and they hope, their most profitable films.

As consumers flock to the Web to learn more about this summer’s “event” movies, we decided to see if the scammers and spammers had followed. So, do any of this summer’s biggest names contain any hidden computer dangers? We searched Google for the titles of 37 summer ’06 blockbusters plus the word “screensaver” and calculated the percentage of risky site links returned on the first page of search results. We also performed similar screensaver searches for 48 of these films’ leading actors.

And the Winner is: Miami Vice is number one with a bullet to your head. I assume it is because of the top searches, most are for wallpapers and screensavers. Number one for actors and actresses? Uma Thurman, probably for the same reasons, screensavers, pictures, etc. Check out the whole blog, here.