Top Ten iSeries Questions and Answers

Here is a great post on the IBM iSeries, ranging from user level to admin level, check them out here.

Ken Graap, iSeries i5/OS expert, has been answering’s member questions for over five years. Ken has seen many of the same issues and concerns asked over and over. Therefore, we’ve compiled the top 10 questions asked about iSeries i5/OS for you. Do you have a question that’s not listed here? Ask Ken your i5/OS questions.

1. Creating a command shortcut for WRKOUTQ PRT03
2. Moving a spool files from one system to another
3. Editing a word document stored in an IFS shared directory
4. Setting up Remote Journaling between two i5 servers
5. Control the creation of job logs on your system
6. Distribute copies of spool files to several different printers
7. Set up you i5 system to forward email to a corporate email system
8. Secure production data from PUBLIC access
9. Run as another user without having to sign on as that user
10. Set up secure access to a command line from an interactive job