Take Your Hard Drives With You

Whatever you do, if you have a hard drive replaced, ANYWHERE, you should ask for the old one to take with you, if only for sanity’s sake. Check out what happened after this couple had their hard drive replaced at BestBuy, who assured them it would have holes drilled in it to make it unusable.

Henry Gerbus said Best Buy assured him the computer’s old hard drive — loaded with personal information — would be destroyed.

“They said rest assured. They drill holes in it so it’s useless,” said Gerbus.

A few months ago, Gerbus got a phone call from a man in Chicago.

“He said, ‘My name is Ed. I just bought your hard drive for $25 at a flea market in Chicago,’” said Gerbus. “I thought my world was coming down.”
Source: Yahoo

I work on computers, and I have many hard drives laying around because of things just like this, you replace a hard drive for someone, they just want their data back, I’ve never had anyone ask for their old hard drive. I usually end up using them, if they are worth using, for storing old data. Word to the wise, take your hard drive with you.