Intel Formally Unveiled its Xeon 5100 Series Processors

Intel has finally released the Xeon 5100, formerly known os the Woodcrest.

At a launch event here, Intel added little to the Xeon 5100 story that hasn’t already been told. The chip, formerly known as Woodcrest, is based on a new microarchitecture that the company is counting on to improve the performance of its flagging server division.

“We’re back. We’re back to a position we’re used to having,” said Tom Kilroy, the general manager of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group.

Intel’s server group hasn’t been able to make such a claim in years. The Opteron processor has vaulted rival Advanced Micro Devices from the hinterlands of the server market to a more than 20 percent share, with its superior performance and power consumption.

Intel believes it has turned the tide on performance, citing 25 benchmarks where it holds a lead over AMD. The features of Intel’s new Core microarchitecture, such as a larger and more sophisticated cache memory design and a faster connection to memory, are responsible for the boost in performance over Intel’s older dual-core server processors, Kilroy said. Source:

Nothing compares to real world testing, quote all the benchmarks you want, gimme some hard data.