Digg CEO Provides Insight on Netscape Beta Site

Digg CEO Jay Adelson responds to Netscape challenge on Richard MacManus Read/WriteWeb website.

In his email to me, Digg CEO Jay Adelson questioned how active Netscape’s users will be. He suggested that to achieve true interactivity, you need minimum intervention – i.e. no editors! He told me:

“A significant amount of our visitors are active (meaning they participate, not lurk). I’m curious how many interactive users Time Warner will have on their site. That was one of our greatest challenges, building that base.

Digg is extremely focused on transparency and absolutely no editors/intervention. We will never have a small group of people provide oversight.”

Jay also questioned how scalable Netscape’s site will be, with Netscape putting so much emphasis on manual editing:

“Another question I have is about scalability. We feel that there is a technical scale issue with user submissions, in that if you have thousands, or tens of thousands, of submissions a day, how does a few editors parse them? Ultimately, we need the users to both digg and bury stories, provide the editorial, in order to keep up with the real-time world of Internet-based content.”

All very good points, but, if the editors just add content to the top stories, I think that will be doable, as long as they don’t start pushing the site in a direction they want to go in and not let the the users decide. He also says wait until version 3 of digg, which will include more than just tech news.